Miselu expands team with hiring of CTO and other senior positions

San Francisco, CA — June 27, 2012 — San Francisco startup Miselu is pleased to announce the addition of Jory Bell as the company’s CTO. Also joining the Miselu team is Jeffrey Horton as VP of Business Development & Marketing and Joshua Pollack as Software Architect.

Prior to joining Miselu as CTO, Jory Bell was cofounder and CEO of OQO, a San Francisco startup that created the ultra-mobile computing (UMPC) category with its pocketable computers running full desktop versions of the Windows operating system. Before OQO, Jory was at Apple Computer, where he helped design several laptop models and was responsible for co-inception of the Titanium Powerbook. Jory had previously worked at IBM's Almaden Research Center on IBM's ThinkPad line and at MIT developing oceanographic instruments for climate change research. Jory has 15 patents for his work at Apple and OQO; and received three simultaneous B.S. degrees from MIT in earth atmosphere & planetary studies (EAPS), visual design, and literature.

Joining the company as VP of Business Development & Marketing is Jeffrey Horton. Jeffrey helped establish the Native Instruments Los Angeles office in 2002, and as General Manager lead the Native Instruments North American team from 2004 through 2010. Previously with Steinberg North America as a product specialist, he is an electronic musician and lifelong music technology enthusiast.

Joining the company as Software Architect is Joshua Pollack. Joshua dropped out of MIT in 2001 to join audio-fingerprinting pioneer Tuneprint. Before Miselu, Joshua most recently worked at Lab126, makers of the Amazon Kindle. Prior to Lab126 Joshua spent several years at pocketable computer maker OQO. In addition to his professional career as a programmer, Joshua has been making art and music with computers for many years.

About Miselu

San Francisco based Miselu is building a modern music instrument platform. Miselu is actively partnering with application creators, social network services, music instrument companies, component suppliers and manufacturers to bring the next generation of music instrument technology to market. For more info, visit www.miselu.com.